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Excelent customer sercive

I have a 1year experience in Human resource Management. I hold a Btech in Human Resource Development which was completed at Vaal University of Technology in 2014. I’m currently an HRBP Trainee at Edcon (Pty) Ltd. I’m eager to learn more within human resources as I am a part time student at University of Johanneburg studying a B com Honours in Human Resource Management. I started January 2017 and I am going to finish November 2018. I possess qualities such as a quick learner, self motivated, passionate about furthering my carrer within HR. I am also hardworking, attention to details and have positive outlook to life. I am a go getter and a people person I enjoy challenges and strive for excellence in whatever i do. I am looking for any job opportunities in Learning and Development, HR Coordinator, Recruitment and selection , Employee Relation, HR Generalist, HR Admin and HR Projects and I am willing to relocate.

Pros: Great opportunity for career growth
Cons: Great customer service

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Development programmes

Edcon is very transparent in what the business strategy,challenges and future business plan.There's always training programme available to upskill and refresh employees on how to deal with customers.There's incentives for performance and coaching for non performers.It is a very process based company which in everything we do we need to follow process.There's system that assist stores to rate their performance whether they are in line with what is expected on a weekly basis.There's no lazy day as there are so many basic daily duties that as management do despite the upcoming situations that were not planned for.I have learnt to be firm,fair,strong,analytical,performance driven,problem solving,customer centric and I only have Edcon to thank for making me realise those skills that I never thought I had.

Pros: Development
Cons: Long working hours

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The company is not really my area of expertise, but I've learnt how to manage time .

The company is a small aluminum business which consists of 4 permanent employees and 3 casuals, I personally am one of the people who manage the company's financial and tactical operations. It is always good to work with my co-workers as no one has a certain responsibility because we all know the general ongoing operation of the company, and therefore segregate according to minimize risks. Working together as a team always works, as there must be communication and understanding to allocate resources in accordance with our work. Winning and gaining client's trust is what I'm good at, at this point and also balancing of company's assets. The most challenging part of the Job is when we have too many clients who needs to be provided service and atva short space of time i.e firsteve season.

Pros: Internet and paid advertising
Cons: 9 hour

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Excellent growing curve

Responsible for end to end project management function in Financial Services. Nature of the projects were Business related with strong HR support required. A typical day consisted of project meetings information gathering, conversations with stakeholders.

Pros: great flexitime and managing thriugh results, challenging opportunity to work with different stakeholders at all levels
Cons: managing deliverables with executives can be tough

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Great adrenalin rush

Great working environment. Fast paced and nds learnings everydaty Extensive travelling. Great vibe Company too slow to decide and therefore competitors are overtaking them

Pros: Travel extensively
Cons: Too many reporting lines

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I work for a team of sound minded GM's

I currently our Head of Buying and 7 general managers. I view myself as the eyes and ears of my direct lines in the various departments. I would say that i get along with my co-works i have never had any issues in that regard. I manage dairies, travel , petty cash and credit card recons. Usually on a Monday my day is filled with catch ups with the GM as we plan our week. I have learnt how to manage my own time because i have to service everyone equally. I really enjoy customer relations from time to time i deal with customer queries. The most challenging thing is managing the different personalities

Pros: I work with top level executives
Cons: I am stretched too thin

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We must work together as a team, cup with ideas solutions.

Will come up with a means to overcome all the obstacles that we will be facing as a company such as having consumers and competitors. Our company will come up with knowledge skills and resources so that it can be one of the best. Our company will focus on production place people promotion so that it can reach its profit.

Pros: Manager
Cons: 8 hours

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I'm a young male candidate who is very eager to learn

The current company I work for has great opportunities and it has tough me quite alot for the period I've been there. It became a much greater experience when I started working very closely with the entire management team since I'm a highly eager to learn young someone, so they taught me and they are still teaching everything about their day to day admin and management duties and responsibilities and I also handle most of their administration work, filing and department managing.

Pros: It all requires hard work and enthusiasm
Cons: The hours are acceptable

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I am a hard worker and willing to lean new and any opportunity

Willing to entering am hard worker willing to learn new opportunities, I am a team player.i have an experience in Finance environment and in Retail and construction companies, I am available emmedite to start any new opportunity.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Any hours instructed by the company

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