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I have at lest 7 to 8 working at edcon stores,the reason for such long time it was that you you work multi task,ant that it was what make me stay for such a long time and I have leanerd a lot and I can and I am proud. To explore

Pros: passion and the love of my job.2010 employee of the year Jetmartdiepsloot and promoted to jetfourways as a stockroom manager.
Cons: 8-9 hours

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Leadership and management.

I have spent 4years as retail associate and all rounder and 3years as a supervisor training management and leadership.I was enjoying to work with different people and also enjoy busy times because I like it when I win at pressure times.another thing that made me smile is when we achieved monthly targets because it was the only proof to show that my team are supplying the salesfloor accurately and together as a hole we are smart and hard workers.

Pros: stockroom manager (supervisor)
Cons: 9-10

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