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I enjoy working at accenture it is not a company that let you repeat the same thing over and over. The have different challenges for us that motivate is professionally and some that you may apply into your personal life as well. I loved my co-workers they are very motivate and energetic. I have learned how to conduct myself in a professional way. I know how to handle a angry customer without requesting for a manager's assistance. ive learner that one can never stop learning and you never to young/old to achieve your goal/dreams. I enjoyed the environment that i worked in, the managers are enthusiastic on motivating us excelling with a productive day. The most challenging aspect of the job was having to deal with a client that thinks nothing of an agent, being inconsiderable and swearing, what have learned from the situation is not to take whatever the customer says personal.

Pros: project / manager
Cons: the long hours was affecting my personal life due to working on sundays

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Flexible working environment, no growth.

Great environment to work in, but there is no growth. Team leaders are approachable. Innovation is encouraged but there less opportunities for growth within the environment.

Pros: Innovation is encouraged
Cons: No growth, or opportunities

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