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Working for Edcon is great, my department is result driven- the greater the sales the less pressure we feel. So we work hard to deliver. Co-workers are friendly and professional, always willing to assist one another. I have learnt so many things within the company as I have been switching departments and do different duties. I enjoy the environment and platform to grow which is given and created by the company to us as it's employees. The most challenging aspect of my job is the pressure imposed to us when sales are down/bad, particularly when everyone is struggling within the retail industry.

Pros: There great oppotunities within the company provided you deliver well and excell in every task given to you.
Cons: I work until late when i have so much to do, if not i work my normal time (8am - 16:30)

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I recommend edcon (pty) Ltd as best Company.

Well I may say that it very trick and challenging to work at Edcon since I'm working there as causual and sometimes I also don't for a week. Then I don't get for that week. I also work more hours and get paid for less hours which is not right. I

Pros: Well the no bonus for causuals.
Cons: overtime.

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Currently unemployed

Retrenched in August 2020 Currently unemployed. Looking for a new opportunity Edcon was a wonderful place to work at. My commitment for 8 years is evident

Pros: Excellent cuture
Cons: retrenchments

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