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Excellent learning curve

Typically working day, I do DStv installations, wireles internet installations and I create websites for clients. Sometimes I will be on the Internet cafe making copies and writting CVs for clients. My relationship with my coo-workers is very good, I have how to talk with clients and how to treat them. Each and everyday I learn, about new challenges of DStv's sometimes clients comes with problems I was not aware of and I get to find a solution to their problems. Ecoh Multimedia sends us to training to give us new opportunities to learn. I enjoy everyday growth in things I don't know. The most challenging aspect is not getting websites client as I would like to create more websites for people. Some clients are difficult to speak to. I also need to be as diverse as possiblle.

Pros: There are trainings
Cons: There's no leave

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Excellent learning curve

I do dstv, cctv, wireless internet installations and fiber splicing. I have worked with mikrotik and ubiquiti.I have attended the Fiber, Ubiquiti, Defensive driving, Basic dstv, Molex trainings through the company. I enjoy growth and overcoming challenges. My co-workers are very friendly and they have an amazing work ethic. We don't have enough staff and one person is working the job of two people.

Pros: Great Trainings Opportunities
Cons: Salary is not enough

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