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Great company to work for

Company is small and f. There is not a lot of to grow.room amily owned it is a great environment with many different areas to extra.pl ore.jjsgysikfnbfhhsuujdbd

Pros: Great working enviroment
Cons: Under market value pay

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It's a constant shouting and swearing from management. No job security.

In the beginning it was great. But now the boss is constant shouting and swearing. His wife is even worse. If there are any problems or you need assistance from management they always just pass the bucket. Management can't prioritize and doesn't care about deadlines or customers or customer satisfaction. Constantly reminded that you will be fired if you don't perform. No fridge or place to eat or have a drink for the sales people. And if they get caught having a quick sip of coffee or cold drink they get shouted at that they get paid to word not sit around and drink coffee.

Pros: Learned how to lie to customers
Cons: Long working hours and constant shouting and swearing.

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