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I want to focus more on my career

The team is too strong i enjoy working with the group.we do understand and support each other in every situation. I learnt that working together we can do more.also how to live with people.i just want change in my life

Pros: If i can become a team leader
Cons: Over time

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I need to learn more and achieve more goals

I enjoyed working with the team they are so supportive. I just want to achieve my dream of being an engineer as i have studied N2 to N6 Electrical engineering.but i was working as a welder in Ebersparcher Company Rosslyn as i was promoted from been machine operator.Working as a team you can achieve more.the target of the day was hard to find but we put our efforts to reach there even though

Pros: Promotion is was i want always when an working on the company
Cons: I dont have any problem with overtime and i enjoy working extra hours

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