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Excellent place to learn

Eberspaecher, I was known of my work ethic and ability to go out of my scope of work an assist other department because of the curiosity I had and will to learn about their scope of work. On my third month of working, under the supervision of two engineers, one an industrial engineer and the other a packaging engineer. I was allocated three lines where I had to improve and meet my KPIs and reports on the overall equipment efficiencies. I was also involved in the project management team for launching a line, were I learnt a lot about project management. While working for the company, I have developed some and enhance the use of industrial softwares and ERP systems like SAP, Excel, Autodesk LT, EDIS, and packaging simulation, and I am moderate at some like Simul8. I am certain that I would execute my tasks to the optimum.

Pros: Great place to kick of career
Cons: No clear training program

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Excellent learning curve

on a daily basis I do scrap reports and seek action plans from suppliers for the scrap. I handle PPAP and APQP documentation and ensure the PPAP samples are within spec so that it can b approved . I am a graduate in training and my fellow employees are very helpful in teaching me the ins and outs. I enjoy working in the quality department. every 3 months I am moved to learn everything about the company.

Pros: great oppurtunity for growth
Cons: none

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Rounded exposure to robot and robotic weld equpiment

Excellent knowledge of control systems, canning lines,safety mechanis such as lightbeam repairs, trouble shooting and faulfinding on plc's and Vsd's, repairs to weld jigs. Teach and programme robot.

Pros: great opportunit for promotion
Cons: short time

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I have years of experience working in the Human Resources department, I have worked for Bay tools and Die for Die for, 4years as a HR Manager, in April 2003 was employed by Crown Chicken (PTY) LTD a/t Rockland Poultry for 5 years as a Divisional HR Manager (December 2005 – April 2008) Industrial Relations Manager (April 2003 – December 2005), and during April 2008 I was employed by Eberspaecher as a Group Employee Relations Manager. With my years of experience and skills, I hope I will be the right candidate for the position. Regards Lizo Neti

Pros: opportunity for growth
Cons: Not being recognised for my hard work

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