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Excellent working culture,great learning on hand experiend

Attending meetings ,filling,loading information on the hr system, counsellor for employees, a very good or shall i say excellent relations with employees, to see a happy New cared changed employees or to see when someone turned their life style around after our counseling sessions, by talking to employees hearing their first experience,change management with in the work environment, education training and development success industrial peace and maintenance there off.challenges was with shortime when you had to ensure employees stays motivated,absenteeism and management there of when u had to do manually reports. Union demand sometime hen newsgopsyewards are elected coming in aldemaning you had to get them to the level of understanding nd seeing the broader picture.

Pros: Eastern bonus,December Christmas voucher,Flexi working hours
Cons: No room for promotion

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Hard worker and able to work under pressure

opportunities for growth as a person are great , safety daily walk about , HSE inspection , GMR regulation check sheets , good interaction with work force , Hira doing /inspections , learn on how to approach complex issues when raised by workers on the floor , conduct safety quarterly meeting , conduct fire drill three times per year , incident / accident investigation - do enjoy my work as Safety officer and almost everyday give more time to learn something else and do more . etc

Pros: yes
Cons: flex time

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Reliable hard worker

i was a team leader at eberspacher for 12 years leading a production team she rep forklift driver iwas working flexible shifts without hesitation for a long time able to adapt to any pressure i was also working as security officer i did explore many careers wereby personal hygiene was considerd. i also did a drives licence code 14 but my main need is to aquire experience. i also studied computer literacy. my most archived experiene is under eberspacher rosslyn producing exhaust systems for bmw sa.i started by being an operator then i was promoted to be a reworker(tig welding) after i drove a forklift (hyster) i was then promoted to become a ept team leader. i was transpoting kids to school and i also transported employees to their workplace using my vehicle for the period of two years.i was also selling soft goods for the period of five years.i have communication skills.

Pros: team player
Cons: flexible

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A normal working day at word was to do all the maintenance on the production line correctley

A normal working day was to do all the maintenance on the production line. Some of the co-workers was not always nice to work with. I've learnt not to trust any body. I love to work with the forklifts and to assure the safety of my co-workers as well as to move the equipment safely into the correct positions/places. To do all my work correctly in a specific time span that we have.

Pros: Salary is not to bad. Hours is devided in shifts.
Cons: Sometimes the co-workers taht I've learnt is not always niceto work with

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Excellent learning curve

I believe that my expertise, and qualifications will make me a valuable asset to any organisation and I would appreciate your careful consideration of my credentials as presented in the copy of my attached CV. As the CV indicates, here are the reasons why I believe I am the candidate that you are searching for and how I will add value to the organisation in look for Quality Engineer to achieve its goals or Mission and Vision.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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