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Working for my previous company, was one of the greatest pleasures I had, as I spend most of time on the road, met new people and delivered to family after so many years delivering to my clients. My workday , started at 6:30 and delivered all my packages first , have my lunch when I am done and reported back to the office to pick up my last load to go to the airport, even if we get delayed I had to work overtime of which I did not mind at all. My relationship with my coworkers was perfect as, we knew what comes first and we were always willing to help each other. I learnt that no matter what never compromise your morals but have pride in what you do no matter what your job title is. being on the road most of the day is challenging as, drivers on the road do not respect the road and put people life's at risk that is most important to me.


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Excellent opportunity for growth and education assistance

Attending tier i and tier ii meeting on the daily basis Attend production meeting on the daily basis Good working relationship with core-workers i.e instantiate environmental awareness project, Safety awareness projects MESH review assessment review Conducting SHEQ Internal audits, attending meetings, report SHEQ Performance, MESH Review, Incident investigation, Safety awareness, helping peers Availability of time to attend to all employees at once.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Must always spent time at production area to identify SHEQ Hazards and monitoring

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Good exposure outside South Africa, challenging environment, fast pace, very professional

I have a routine day, Tier meetings , walk through inspections, webex meetings, assessments, system rectifications, site visits I have a routine day, Tier meetings , walk through inspections, webex meetings, assessments, system rectifications, site visits I have a good relationship with workers, they come to my office to talk about concerns. I have leant that its important to maintain good relations with line management I enjoy the travel and exposure Sustainability is a challenge. I have found I need to change approached to keep the message fresh. This has been working for me to date

Pros: Travel, vocational experience, Exposure to best practice,
Cons: Not easy to transition from current position.

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Improving the process and introducing engineering control at the workshop

• Facilitate work station risk assessment • Incident classification, reporting and investigation • Emergency Preparedness Response • Facilitate SHE internal audits • Coordinating all SHE training • SHE awareness • Issue permit to work • Waste & PPE management • Contractor management • Ensure and maintain legal compliance in accordance with the OHS act • Medical emergency response preparedness • Compile weekly & monthly reports

Pros: Company university
Cons: Over worked

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