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Excellent place to be creative

It is really exciting as you can be creative. You are also the paycheck writer. You can determine how much you want and work hard for it. The downside is if business is slow you paycheck will look bleek for 3 months till you get jobs out.

Pros: Great Bonuses
Cons: Long hours

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Need something more challenging

I've learnt that patience goes a long way. Stop , look , Think , and then act. The most challenging thing for me in this job is to keep your client happy at all times. There is ALWAYS snags in a kitchen. Juts inform your client very well on problems before they see it first.

Pros: Commission CAN be very good
Cons: once installation begins everything is out of your hands

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Daily tasks

Start working at 6h00 in the morning . Do all accounting procedures. See that everything run smoothly at showroom. Housekeeping. Help on switchboard. Make sure the books are up to date everday. Filing. I have a great relationship with staff. Have learnt alot of all aspects of the business.

Pros: Halfday position
Cons: No promotions

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