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It is a great leaning curve and experience.

working at the East Rand urology research unit has been a great experience for me, it taught me discipline, and how to handle different people on different occasions. on a daily basis we encounter problems like having to follow up an account of our patient , make their lives easier by making sure that they do not have to pay out of their own pockets. plus people love it when they can save their money. i have a fairly good relationship with my coworkers but i do make it a point that i am not there to make friend but to work. i have good leadership qualities as it has been said by my employer. i'm driven and ambitious. i have really enjoyed working at the East Rand research unit. it has broadened my knowledge having to work with cancer patients some have been survivor forming some sort of relationship with our patients, having to learn the ins and outs of urology as a broad prospect. i have absolutely found a new love. but having other knowledgeable experiences will be a bonus as i will have a story to tell.

Pros: it is a great opportunity to learn about cancer and the studies that take place in and out of south africa
Cons: i think that i need to earn a bit more then i do here in order to reach higher and aim even higher.

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Good start, have learned more then i could ever ask

Every morning my colleges and i talk about the days work routine. we do get along most of the time, but working in a environment that is busy there will always be argument and disagreements. what is important is how we deal with this work issues.and thus far we have been good at handling issues ourselfs. i enjoy problem solving and challenges come when our medication is out of the temperature range we supposed to store it within, thank you

Pros: good opertunity to help those less fortunate
Cons: working ours are not determined by us , but rather by the work that we have. so irregular working ours

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