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A good working environment.

It has been such a quite experienced journey for me to work in the Tourism industry, I have always been enjoying working with people. But this was only a one year contract. Nothing is ever so nice than working with and and for people in my life. But as time went by I have realized that my passion is basically based in the environment where I would be working with people who really needs some help. I have learnt the best communication skills that one should be using in the working environment morespecilly when working with people. The most challenging aspects of the job was to communicate with people from outside the country who hardly understands our official languages, but that taught me the basic norm of "patience is virtue" and learning is most important.

Pros: Great traveling opportunity
Cons: Working in places where I have the most of my fears in eg, heights.

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Am contented to submit my application for the adverted vacancy.

am contented to submit my application for the adverted vacancy. With a great attention to detail and hands-on experience, I am certain in my ability to become a valuable member of your company. From my previous internship experience, I have gained expertise in being cautious and systematic and at the same time maintaining high quality standards. I am able to work efficiently in a team environment and have a strong attention to detail. As a hardworking and reliable individual who want make a mark in my current profession

Pros: great opportunity for being hired
Cons: Temporal worker

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Excellent learning curve

My day starts at 8h00 and entails going through and responding to emails. Now and again I have to answer tellephone calls from service providers to give them advice. My relationship with colleagues is warm and friendly and we greet and share discussions about family members and inform one another about bereavement of staff members. I have learnt that it is possible to work as a team and be happy although we have different cultures and languages but we have a common purpose. I enjoy making a contribution for either a birthday party or for a bereavement of a family member for a colleague. The most challenging aspect of the job is lack of cooperation and suppexecutive top management.

Pros: Great prospect for a promotion
Cons: Lack of a proper system

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I am a hard worker, passionate, consistence and disciplined. I can work under a lot of pressure. I am an amazing problem solver. I am a persistent person and I don't give up very easily. my dependability. I can make a decision under a lot of pressure ( good decision maker). I can be able to work with little/no supervision, wiling to learn new things and easy to adapt friendly reliable expressive and most importantly punctual.

Pros: The recruitment team does work hard and diligently to screen and hire the absolute best-of-the-best employees.
Cons: The recruitment team does work hard and diligently to screen and hire the absolute best-of-the-best employees.

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Learning curve

Read emails for 2 hours, engage with staff for 45 minutes. Excellent working and harmonious relationship.Project Management enjoy reports. different cultures.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours and extra workload

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I pay attention to detail

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting and I believe that my strong experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include Pastel skills, communication skills, accounting skills, planning skills, organisational skills, problem solving skills, computer skills and time management skills. I strive for continued excellence and provide exceptional contributions to produce work that is of required standards.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion.
Cons: 8 hours

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Great exposure

The working environment is welcoming and a culture of caring for one another , through the change management I have managed to work with all employees at different level and the 2 committees I work for have broaden my eyes as a manager .

Pros: Exposure to working directly with management
Cons: growth withing the organisation limited

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