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Learned to be efficient and effective in the work place

The company that I am current working at is a huge company with several business unities, basically I work at HR Unit where I liaise with line managers and the staff, such as new appointees and old staff. The fascinating part about my job is working with people, being in my environment I have to be friendly, consistent, good organising skills and good Administration skills and be able to work under pressure. Working at ECDC made me acquire so many thing about the working environment, we interact very well as colleagues, we always set goals in such a way that we always meet deadlines and we live according to our company values because we believe that the success and the productivity for the company depends on us as staff. The most challenging is when people do not comply, external clients and internal people but we don't let that get into our way, we know how to tackle the matter.

Pros: there is no hope for promotion simple because there are no vacant and funded positon so we need to aply to other companies.
Cons: 8 hours

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Recognising hard work

As a hardworking dedicated employee, I have put company values first. I enjoy working in a team and I am a good team member. I am willing to learn from co workers I value their inputs as we serve to achieve common goal

Pros: recognised for good work
Cons: work without supervision

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Good communicator

I am a team player willing to learn,focused and take my job very seriously. I respect my colleagues and job processes. I would really want to work my way up through hardwork and skills development.

Pros: I aspire to be an executive
Cons: Under compensation and not being appreciated

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Learn many things (see the review below)

I am a hardworker,selft motivated person,self discipline,friendly,willing to work under pressure(multi task).skills i have :problem solving,time management,trustworthy,good communication,organised,financial skill,fast learner.duties SCM-Acquisition,demand,Asset,Logistics&warehouse,Risk,Finace duties,Admnistration,Records & document Management,Asset Management& Rental for Properties.Computer Literate-word,excel,outlook,emails,internet&powerpoint.Systems:Promun/Logis,Nicor,Bas,My focus.

Pros: To face with new challenges
Cons: Willing to work overtime hours.

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It is a development finance institution responsible for the economic development of the province.

I work from Monday to Friday 8 Hour day on no busy days I have a team of 30 employees in my region I enjoy working with people Dealing with grumpy customers

Pros: There's great opportunities for growth within the organization
Cons: The nature of clients we dealing with

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Learning new things everyday

My work is very diverse, from property portfolio to funding and business support. For properties from asset management, leasehold management and facilities management. For loans from origination, approval to implementation.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn the whole organization
Cons: Too much pressure and complexities

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Excellent Review curve

- A typical work day Spend most of my day attending meetings, providing HR strategic guidance - Your relationship with co-workers I work well with my colleagues - What you have learnt Working together as a team we can achieve a lot - What you enjoy most Interacting with and proving HR guidance strategically. Corporate governance - The most challenging aspects of the job Coleagues who do not want to comply at times

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: I cannot complain about anything at the moment

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Business finance is a volatile and ever changing environment

We receive business finance applications, we assess these by performing due diligence which includes financial analysis, industry and market analysis. We then present a loan report to the Credit Risk Committee for approval. We also strive to provide value added advice to those applicants that we cannot finance.

Pros: Great exposure to different sectors
Cons: One has no access to industry experts

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Entry level

A well-presented, good all round performer who when given a task, has the ability to work quickly and efficiently without asking too many questions. Khanya has a proactive attitude and a strong work ethic, he is sure to be able to make a real contribution to the day-to-day operations of any organisation. He possesses many transferable skills that can be used in a wide section of settings and industries. He is now a Procurement Clerk at Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC)

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Normal working hours

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Excellent at problem solving

I am a 33 year old female currently residing at East London. I am currently working for IDT ( Independent Development Trust) and I am working as a Programme Implementation Manager. I have 9 years of working experience in Built Environment. I have worked for PRASA as a Regional Facilities Manager, I have also worked with ECDC as a Project Manager, My resume is attached for easy reference.

Pros: I am a great initiator and I work well with a team. I have worked in the middle management for over 8 years
Cons: I work overtime when it is necessary to finish a task

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