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Excellent experience and learning curve teaching Life Orientation in a multi-cultured environment.

Typical work days at school is teaching, marking assignments, setting test and examination papers. Under my guidance, learners compiled portfolios from Grades 7 - 12. Apart from my normal teaching duties, I have been Grade 12's guardian teacher. I was also moderator for Life Orientation and screened peers' question papers as well as answer papers. They changed the latter two according to my recommendations. I have learnt to work in a multi-cultural environment and enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoy teaching, it is my passion. I love working with students, it is most rewarding to see them develop , grow and flourish. The most challenging aspect of the job is to get big assignments in on the due date. I use a system of rewards for assignments handed in early e.g. bonus marks. That helps a lot.

Pros: Opportunities for promotion are available if a person up his/her qualifications.
Cons: Long working hours - after school, evenings, week-ends, holidays to get all preparation, marking and assessments done and to record all marks - normally in a tight time span.

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My educational qualifications

I have completed my Teacher’s Diploma at Rubusana College of Education in 1997. I have completed her B Ed degree in 2001 at the University of Port Elizabeth majoring in Maths, Science and Technology Education. I graduated my Masters of Arts Degree in Development Studies in 2015 with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and has written a Guided Research Report with the topic ‘An analysis on the state of basic education in South Africa. Personal qualities include an ability to take decisions, take initiative, work independently, perform under pressure, willingness and desire to learn new skills, open minded and self-disciplined.

Pros: Teaching affords you the opportunity to make a difference. Our nation’s youth is our greatest resource. As a teacher you are afforded the opportunity to be on the front lines in making a difference. Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s leaders. Teachers have the opportunity to have a profound influence on their students thus helping shape our future.
Cons: The cons of teaching will be what lead to burnout, stress, and resentment, and you need to be able to deal with them effectively.

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Good start for experience

I never thought I could find myself working in a an education environment, but surprisingly it has taught me a lot in this short period of time. The pupils taught me patience and acceptance in this short period of time and I'm glad for the opportunity

Pros: Short working ours
Cons: I'm just working on contract

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I've learned and grown

I have learned a lot at the department, I feel like now it is time for me to challenge myself more and expand my knowledge. I hope to apply all that I have learned where I will end up in the future.

Pros: Job security
Cons: Slim area for growth

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Learning opportunity

I was placed in the internal audit unit. I was assigned to team consisting of an auditor, assistant director and an intern. Ideas exposed to the functions of an Internal auditor as well as the process of conducting an audit.

Pros: Exposed to learning opportunities
Cons: None

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Excellent learning

Learnt a lot of skills but it is time to grow and move on and acquire more skills and learn a lot about working with different people.from different cultural backgrounds. Working with my team was educational and growing as a co worker, team member and and as a person.

Pros: Graet learning environment
Cons: Growing up to a certain level not beyond

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Excellent learning curve

Gaining more experience in the public sector has been good for me and now I have a clear understanding of the public service. This is awesome and I would like to continue learning

Pros: Exposure to government services
Cons: Old routine of doing work to some extent

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Excellent learning curve

Great relationship with everyone, it's a great working environment but one needs to grow. My Supervisor made it very easy to work with. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for entry level because one gets an opportunity to learn and grow.

Pros: Great experience
Cons: No promotions

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