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A very enjoyable business to work for with plenty of experience

Everyday is busy which I enjoy , new experiences and challenges all the time The Ethiopians are very limited to skills as a result of exposure etc and therefore they rely heavily on the expats People are very receptive but according to your influence towards them Respect is the name of the game and it is two streets top to bottom and vice versa Learnt a lot of culture differences and tolerance Installations of new plants and manufacturing lines Rehabilitation of existing plant and machinery and increasing trough puts

Pros: Excellent environment and appreciated by business and subordinates
Cons: Forex to purchase machines

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An enjoyable enviroment

Everyday is busy an exceptional Very good relationship with superiors and co workers but this takes willingness from your side to adapt and bring about change Tolerance with slow learners Cooperation of employees and willingness to help When I had to leave the people and return to SA

Pros: Enjoyable people and management
Cons: Long periods away from family 6 months etc

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Most enjoyable interaction with people

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ethiopians and other national as this was a new paradigm for me in business. I got on easily with the locals although I had to make an earnest effort in learning their culture and language as this improves efficiency and production and understanding each other. People here were highly qualified but had little experience on the floor therefore I loved teaching, coaching and mentoring subordinates. Every day was a challenge and I loved this

Pros: Appreciated by Local and foreign bosses
Cons: Away from home long durations

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Very enjoyable work place

Work at East African Tiger brands is enjoyable as we have learnt to work as a team as the the goal and objective is the same that the business becomes profitable if all employees do their share of work. Every day is busy with new challenges as Ethiopians are not privileged with the experience we have in SA. I really enjoyed my relationship with the Ethiopians. Filipinos and Ivorian. I have learnt to appreciate life and appreciate the business Theres a challenge every day as new developments are on the go to ensure we are securely placed in the market You are there to ensure it happens and therefore all eyes are on you

Pros: Great opportunity to make money and new friends
Cons: Away from family too long 6 months

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