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Great challenging opportunity and good for groth

I graduated from University of Limpopo in 1996 where I was lucky enough to have had access to a very well rounded education. Even though I graduated with majors in English and Education. I even had the opportunity to take Computer Application Career Diploma (Ms.Office Packages and Internet) in 1998 which broadened my skills set with my work at the Logistics department in an Oil and Gas company. I was able to take a course in strategic Logistics Management from Damelin in 2008. I am a hard worker, dedicated, trustworthy, and pay high attention to details. I am honest and I work well in a team. I have a passion for client's needs and willing to travel for client meetings. I have a very keen mind and I want to expand it. I have a lot to give to your organization and I believe that there is a lot that I can learn from your organization.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Working for Long hours

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Each LPG company differs

Its not as strict as previous petroleum company. Staff easy to deal with and always willing to help at the site where I am situated. Unfortunately everything goes through head office which is in another province and causes delays in most processes. Head office staff don't work as closely and staff does at smaller depots which causes challenges all on its own. Safety is not taken seriously enough in my experience. The industry is not as big so I get to deal with customers from previous company. It is quite challenging to convey safety message as they are quite set in there ways.

Pros: Great opportunity for experience at opposition of previous company
Cons: Very little chance of promotion if not prepared to relocate

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Help me improve

I studied Sport Management & Administration with Boston Business College, I have a zeal to succeed, I'm willing to learn and enjoy working with different people of different race and culture I believe in team work, learning from each other to achieve a goal. I worked in an

Pros: None
Cons: Sometimes

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