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Exceptional/ Outstanding in Events & Marketing

I work as part of the Marketing, PR, Online & Creative Services team (s). There's only 2 of us as Events, my Manager and myself, so i am practically a Manager as well, for ALL events within the e.tv Group. As an Events Coordinator, for the entire group, i have mastered team work and the skill in multi tasking between project to project, including group work. I manage more than 6 projects or events at the same time, including promotional items, branding and all miscellaneous needs for the IMC division. I have learnt managing budgets, cost effective methods for delivering an event, sponsorship, trade exchange negotiations, event proposal reports and many other events aspects. My main challenge with my current job would be the salary and my need for a more corporate environment and challenge.

Pros: Exposure to many other brands within the e.tv Group. Ability to work in more than one project. Being thrown in the deep end and the thrill of making nothing into something big, due to budgets, etc. Ability to bring life to ATL concepts into experiential marketing.
Cons: Too much work and not enough incentives or payment. I feel i have reached my ceiling. Fear for a new challenge, work has turned into mere work load(s) instead of something new etc

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Dear sir/madam My name is Byron Marshall I am a young man and single very energetic and able to do anything. I am applying for the job you have posted ,because currently I am looking for something new, something I can grow in as a person, I am very spiritual and full of faith, At the moment I am working for my family and I have lots of skills that I have picked up over the years that I want to reveal, I would like to open up and prove my skills with in anything I do, I have worked among lots of companies where I have picked up skills that will help me go into any field that comes my way. My dreams is to make the world a better place, I am hardworking, dedicated and trust me I go the extra mile, success is the key in my world and hard work comes with faith and trust I pray and hope for acceptance with in your company. Yours truly, Byron Marshall God bless

Pros: Growth with in the company
Cons: Shift hours are long

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Great shift for career

Working at e.tv is one of the best career moves I have made. It has shaped me into a better woman mentally,physically and emotionally. The projects challenges one but without a doubt it feels good to see your work out in the media. A typical day at the offices includes lots of meetings, brainstorming, budget negotiations and media relations. The team is great without a doubt even though we tend to face a lot of conflicts we get the job done and not just complete but well. The job has taught me to research more and keep myself updated with current trends

Pros: Travelling and learning opportunities
Cons: Long working hours ( Sometimes till midnight)

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Excellent working curve

I liaise with media on a daily base write motivation draft media release about new stories I have learned to be patient and strive to meet my deadlines i enjoy doing photo-shoot with actors and doing studio interviews at various radio station and tv when there are no interesting news to sell and departmental manager needs a report

Pros: Great opportunity to grow in other departments
Cons: Long working hours and tight deadlines

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Growth in Human resources

I’m currently working as permanent HR Coordinator for Human Resource Offices. An excellent communicator endowed with good interpersonal skills. I do strive under pressure and have an insatiable appetite to learn and develop myself personally and professionally. A career opportunity within in your department will offer me an opportunity to apply my practical and theoretical knowledge gained from my job as a HR Coordinator. In turn, I hope to put my good training and experience into good use add value to your department. I look forward to hearing from you, will be able to relocate Yours Sincerely Nomvuyiso Khephu Cell 0604350953/0641502562 Gmail: nomvuyisokhephu@gmail.com

Pros: Growth
Cons: 8 hours

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