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Excellent learning curve

My day starts at 08:00 where I need to send morning reports about store opening to our Area Manager. Throughout the day I complete various administrative duties, filing and rendering service to customers. At all times I strive to build a good working relationship with my co-workers because it is important, it creates a healthy work environment and also helpful for the company's image. What I have learned is customers are different and also their needs are different, so each one of them must be treated with respect and an excellent service must be rendered to them. What I enjoy most is my team members shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. Challenging aspects of the job is to deal with difficult/angry customers in regards with e-toll system, but with our soft skills we calm them down.

Pros: Great platform to learn on how to deal with unhappy customers towards the e-toll system.
Cons: We are situated in the malls, so we work malls hours

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Good environment

It is very interesting and challenging at times as I have people reporting to me and I need to always remember that as much as imam their friend I am also their manager. Everyday it is different as it an open plan environment and there are different teams on the floor , there is always comparison and pushing of boundaries. We have a good relationship as we all understand that the reason we are there is purely to do our work and share responsibilities as a team. Loving my work, as when there is a backlog we find ways to share responsibilities and how are we going to finish the backlog in a specific time frame in a form of teams competing to do the work.

Pros: Good place to work in
Cons: Reasonable working hours

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Excellent learning curve

It is a shift working environment. It is an open plan office meaning interaction with co workers. We have a good relationship. The hardest aspect of my job is selling a product people dont want. In my job i have learnt how to work with people, patience and resilience

Pros: not a demanding job
Cons: not much room for promotion

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Excellent learning curve.

My company is quiet interesting but challenging and have a lot of pressure. I have a good relationship with my fellow employees , we meet quarterly. We interact with customers regularly , exchange views.

Pros: Opportunity of being a safety officer
Cons: 2-10 pm

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