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Awesome way to draw closer to God.

This is an awesome company to work for, if you are a people's person. There is little room for promotion and we stand the entire day. The best part of my position, is meeting and assisting people, from all walks of life.

Pros: Get to communicate with people in need.
Cons: Late working hours.

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Great learning experience but most of all character building.

Working in retail has been a great learning curve for me as i don`t think i`ve come across anything that teaches you having patience and humility, like working with people in retail environment.I t taught me to less judgmental and to really try to be understanding of people and general differences in society.Furthermore my relationship with fellow employees has taught me more about family or brotherhood. Because this is where i spend most hours of my days i got to learn quickly that if i strengthen a fellow employee i strengthen the team and if i get involved in issues like gossip i weaken the team. A strong team makes a big difference,although this was a bit challenging at first. Simply because we come from backgrounds that are so different. The biggest challenge that i personally had to overcome was getting product knowledge as we have thousands of books, from different languages,but that is a challenge i have since overcome.

Pros: working with people
Cons: long working hours

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Cum books is an amazing place to work. Assisting clients every day and being able to sell them exactly what they need, iscan achievement on its own. Staff are like family and team work is most rewarding. I have learnt to listen to what people have to say, before making an assumption of what they need.

Pros: Maintaining stability
Cons: Working late.

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Providing quality service, being authentic, selfless and humble.

Everyday duties includes - Banking and ensuring all the floats are balanced for the day. - Motivating sales, ensuring targets are met , normally exceeding . - Training staff in customer services. - Reporting - Daily, weekly, monthly - Handling stock as required - Daily, weekly, monthly stock takes along with procurement. - Administrative duties - Customer service, customer inquiries, reconciliations , reports, structured feedback etc.

Pros: meeting new people,actually helping people and making a difference
Cons: working shifts and weekends

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Its work in progress

Its a great company but lake management skill and employees skills, trusting on the favorite and not listening to employees. The wellbeing of staff is not a priority to them n having to work for a day of. Labour law's don't work here and you could get injured and no one would care

Pros: Learning curve
Cons: Management

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No change of growth in the company

Manage of floor Maintaining of store Receiving of stock Packing out of stock Admin Packing away of stock Sales Customer service Cash up Reports of cash ups

Pros: Every second weekend off
Cons: Work public holidays

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Excellent growth and learning oppertunity

Very routine bound in the mornings. Need to adhere to certain bench marks in terms of stock control, sales and budgets Deadlines very important. Excellent relationship with staff. Have learned how to plan and organise better. Achieving monthly target and to stay below the bench mark of the so-called "red-areas" is rewarding. CUM BOOKS is a Christian books store and our main focus is to put Christian material in the hands of all South-Africans, but the enemy is also at work within our mid, thus making some days very challenging .

Pros: great oppertunities for staff develop themselves within the company
Cons: long working hours including weekends and public holidays

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A good learning curve on how to deal with skills in the communication side of business.

Each say is planned and monitored by a captain. My relationship with my co-workers is good in-terms on a professional level and has a calming atmosphere. Ive learned how to be intuitive, a problem solver, attentive listener and how to deal with pressure whilst on a POS system. I enjoy the interaction with clients and making sure that they leave with what they where looking for. My greatest challenge is remembering names as well as overthinking a scenario.

Pros: Im a fast learner
Cons: I think to fast

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Excellent opportunity to add to my career

It is an awesome place to be and to grow and learn about Christianity. I have met wonderful customers and developed the relationships. The hours however is extensive and there is little time left for anything else.

Pros: Room to grow
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Working at cum books is excellent the work we do is for the good of changing lives. With the material we sell . we get alot off testmonies from customers of the changes they have experienced in there lives.w

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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