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We work in a good environment and friendly colleagues. One of our main objective is service delivery and we make sure that we serve and support our clients in every circumstances. The most challenging is that the Municipality is always affected by political environment and there are constant changes in terms of structure depend on the political party that is running the municipality. It is a good company to work for and have good benefits. The most thing that I liked about it is that my superior was wiling to expose and develop staff in all aspects and as a person you must be willing and eager to accept the challenge and prove yourself, and also have positive attitude that the development is for your own benefit and the knowledge that you get will help you.

Pros: Great employer
Cons: Political environment

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City of Cape Town

My functions at this very dynamic organisation included but not limited to conducting formal and informal investigations into complaints lodged by the public regarding municipal matters under the jurisdiction of the City Ombudsman. Duties include, conducting meetings, consultations ad liaising with both internal and external role players in seeking any alternative resolutions if any. Conduct site inspections and site meetings to gather information and formulating an objective opinion. Liaise with senior management as well as outside stakeholders i.e. Other municipalities, other spheres of government, Public Protector's office, Consumer protector, other Ombudsman offices. Conduct presentations in respect of the office functions. Facilitate meetings and mediate between complainants and officials where necessary. Enjoy the diversity of the organisation and the ever changing challenges and opportunities presented.

Pros: Interesting career devlopment, challenges and financial benifits
Cons: Political influence and ever changing political environment creates instability and therefore limits career opportunities to certain groups.

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Excellent customer service

Handling all office duties Checking email everyday Making appointments Monitoring and checking of time & attendance on SAP. Typing letters to public regarding landscaping plans. Monitoring boss emails. Taking minutes in meetings Answering of telephones

Pros: have excellent costomer service awards
Cons: extra mile with company and will go out of my way

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Spatial Excelents

Working for the City of Cape Town is exiting, friendly, educational, fun, stable and very technology driven. Exiting because there is always challenges that cross your path and that's when the innovative minds and ideas start flowing, co-workers sharing knowledge and learning new ways and methods making it an exiting friendly educational surrounding to work in. Solving problems together and celebrating the success together with co-workers, standing together through troublesome time and good times it's almost that we become a family that's the fun part for me. The City of Cape Town also makes a person feel secure in your profession staff members are always involved in the decisions and the best of all no RED TAPE. We are a very technology driven city that always looks for the latest and greatest on the market because we know we need to deliver and cannot disappoint our customer base, we constantly see how we can improve our systems and the ways we work, research is key.

Pros: Flexible working hours or core times
Cons: Not great opportunity for promotions, political reasons

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Excellent learning curve

Each and every day at my work place is a productive day and I am learning a lot. My co-workers are very friendly we do have differences sometimes but in few minutes we talk it over and continue with our work. Working for Cape town municipality is a huge step and a learning curve. I enjoy capturing, I am capturing 400 people per fortnight. That is the most challenging job because I have to get numbers right and accurate

Pros: Great opportunities
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning experience(it was a contract

there are many opportunities there, and you learn more about people and your self it's a great place to personal grow and know your surroundings. my relationship with my co- workers is extremely great as we treat each other as family and we share almost the same values. I've learnt that you must not judge a book by its cover e.g if you see someone angry and you start to assume that they're bad people because sometimes that person had just had a bad day. I enjoy typing at work and i guess i was faster more that any co-worker the most challenging aspect of the job is when your co-worker under performed that will also affect your performance so you have to help your co=worker and leave your work for a moment

Pros: great opportunities
Cons: it was just a contract

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Career development

Very interesting finance section with a lot of deadlines. Always working under pressure. I have learnt a lot of financial admin and liasing with cost centre managers increased my communication skills.

Pros: Career development
Cons: lots of deadlines

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A Specialist on Governance ,Compliance and Employment Equity and transformation of the City.

A Specialist on Governance and Regulatory Compliance, Employment Equity, , Employee Relations and charged with the transformation Agenda of the City . Lead, advice and support business and exercise oversight on governance and corporate policies matters of the City. Responsible for developing an EE plan and the Implementation Strategy for the City and further ensures the implementation of the Employment Equity Plan of the CoCT and exercise an oversight role thereon. Cultivate a corporate culture that endorses Ethical conduct and behaviour as a business Imperative and align business processes with same . Interface with critical partners including, Recruitment and Selection, Education, Training and Development, Employee Relations as well as Talent Management and as such work as a generalist in these disciplines.

Pros: Its a aprogressive organisation but at times progress is hampered by the organisational culture
Cons: The are signs of lack of will and resistance to change

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Administration section, I do Time and Attendance for the number of thirty workers. Time and attendance includes capturing various types of leaves on Sap, pull error variants on Sap, prepare workers overtime and ensure accurate payment of overtime, handle telephone enquiries, Report and process Injury on Duty incidents. Operations section, I compile beat statistics report, compile Motor Vehicle allocation report, compile Cartage report, create fleet PM notifications to report defects on our refuse trucks, report daily Occasionally I do the following: interpret in the disciplinary hearings, run investigations when an accident occurred and report accordingly, create building PM notifications and take minutes in the Occupational Health and Safety meetings.

Pros: I developed numerous skills: communication skills at all levels, attention to detail, extensive administrative skills ability to work with a team, accuracy, computer skills, organizational skills. I have not only the ability to take on the responsibility of this position immediately, but also the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.
Cons: I developed numerous skills: communication skills at all levels, attention to detail, extensive administrative skills ability to work with a team, accuracy, computer skills, organizational skills. I have not only the ability to take on the responsibility of this position immediately, but also the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

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Dear Sir/Madam I am Sinaye Enathi Ngxangxa a young man of 33 years old. I would like to apply for a position of code 10 or code 8 driver. I have a valid code 10 driver’s licence with PDP for passengers and goods. I also have a certificate as excavator operator and valid excavator driver’s licence. I completed my matric on 2001 and National Diploma in civil engineering on 2009. I am a fast learner, and I commit myself to my duties. I am passionate and wiling to grow/develop my carrier in your company. I worked for Transnet Freight Rail as a Technician in Training from 01/08/2009 to 30/05/2014. I am currently working for City of Cape Town (department of water and sanitation) as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer’s Assistant, started from 04/12/2015 to 04/05/2017. The details of my qualifications are on the attached CV and cover letter with certified copies. I would appreciate if you can take my application into considerations. Yours Sincerely SINAYE ENATHI NGXANGXA

Cons: NONE

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