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Currently I a working in a Lab taking care of all the Lab Administration and the administration for the Pathologists. I do have to help out and at time assist with the receiving and arranging of medical specimens. What I enjoy the most about my job is working between and with people. I have learnt compassion and empathy knowing what is out there in the medical world. The challenging part of my work is dealing with the knowledge of so many people suffering terminal or threatening illness. I have a very good relationship with all my piers and supervisors, managers and Pathologists. Unfortunately growing from and Admin Officer into and Snr Admin Officer is the only growth available and I am currently already on the Snr Admin Officer level and feel that I will get complacent should I not strive for growth.

Pros: Growth
Cons: Working Shifts

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Good working experience, a lot of knowledge gained, management and staff are unqualified to be in positions, too much personal issues effecting work performance, poor management skills

Pros: good working experience
Cons: too much nepotism

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Nice trainings in place

Have good training opportunities Salary is ok bonusses is ok 13th check Some pressure but enough training to improve Good team spirit in place Learnt new skills which can be used in and out the company I enjoy the comfort of the structured system. Always know what is expected and who you deal with Most challenging is acceptance of experiencing or witnessing the mistreating of office colleagues

Pros: Company is secure
Cons: Level of trust in company

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Excellent experience

I enjoy my current work environment, unfortunately i need growth potential and a increase in salary. I have a excellent relationship with my colleagues and seek that in my next job aswell

Pros: Excellent working environment
Cons: Sallary

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Caring people.

I am off during the week and have time to attend to my 9 year old son after school. Work every weekend The people are caring and always help you out when needed. The work load is a lot but manageable when all the staff are on duty.

Pros: I am off during the week and have time to attend to my 9 year old son after school.
Cons: Work every weekend

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Learning step

I am a hard worker. I like to learning new things and I am a team player. I like to meet new people and do new things. I like to learn while I am working.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours work

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Customer cqre

I'm a hard worker who is dedicated and with ambition to always learn and perfect everything I do. I'm good in customer care and always try to find a solution in all queries.

Pros: debtors officer
Cons: 07:00-16:00

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Excellent experience

I have enjoyed my days here my colleagues are motivators and different age group makes it fun everyday. I know everything in my unit I have trained most of my colleagues . We have our moments sometimes but we try to give each other space. We have teachers;comedians and speakers and quite ones but we compliment each other. The is never a dull moment in Banking that is our unit. During month end it become so busy that sometimes we work so hard and never speak to each other for the day but we get through the day to achieve the target.

Pros: No opportunities for growth
Cons: No opportunities for growth

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Excellent learning and training area.

Quality Assurance and quality control on test methods, equipment, reagents and chemicals. Writing of SOPs and WIs, receiving, updating them and make sure they aknowledged by staff. Health and Safety Which includes investigating injury on duty, correct use and disposal of infectious material and chemical waste and General lab hygiene. Excellent interpersonal, problem solving skills. I enjoy the trouble shooting side of my job. I find working in team challenging. One has to have patience. I train new staff and re- trainning. Do root cause Analysis, as well as corrective/ preventative action.

Pros: no room for growth
Cons: long working hours

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Learning everyday

My typical work day is a well organized and planned day with a motto which says do it once and once is enough.i socialise very well with my co workers.i have learnt to value my job,time fellow employees.i enjoy finishing my typical work day without mistakes or minimal mistake.concentration is the most challenging aspect of my job.

Pros: Great opportunities in the company
Cons: Less fringe benefits.

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