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SAP System, Computer Literate, Good communication skills and Switchboard
I have gained experience in working for one of Africa’s biggest Gas Company as an National Customer Service Advisor. My Experience and abilities are as follow: Data capturing and processing. I am computer literate and very good in gathering information and developing effective systems, interpreting, analysing, and synthesising information into valuable knowledge and a decision-making tool. I am able to work under pressure and co-operatively in teams, sharing decision-making and negotiating with others. I listen to relevant opinions before reaching decisions and relating the ideas of others to the task. I am able to adapt to various roles in changing circumstances. I am able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of group effectiveness and of own performance within the group.
Pros: Customer Experience
Cons: 10hours
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Changing Culture
Typical work day is a rush with meeting a lot of people expectations and keeping good relationships with co-workers. Learning new things in my current position everyday due to the diverse functions being looked after. From managing stock, utilities management, budget, cost reduction initiatives to safety and safety meetings etc. I enjoy seeing people grow in their respective positions and learning new skills to add value to the department/organization. Most challenging aspects of the current job is the major work load against re-tooling/skilling current staff complement to take on extra tasks never done before.
Pros: Great Opportunities for improvements
Cons: Long working hours
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I recently turned 24 years, I am success orientated with high energy and
I enjoy the stimulation and sense of achievement of being part of a team with the ability to work independently, efficiently and flexible. I am able to start working with immediate effect and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that I will be successful in the position should I be appointed.
Pros: challenging
Cons: long hours
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