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Overcoming Challenges

My current work environment is a happy one, we work in a very high pressured environment , and with a lot of financials, and calculations, we have to think on our feet, and deal with challenges on a daily basis. It is not the same everyday , and we work hard , with little to no mistakes. I have learnt that honesty is the best policy , and to own up to your mistakes in order to correct and move forward. My workplace is in Modderfontein , and I live in Westbury , so the travel distance is a bit of a challenge, however I am happy , and just wish to grow.

Pros: family environment
Cons: Long travelling

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Good learning

I start work at 8.30am and finish at about 4pm. The morning normally consists of multiple meetings, internal and external. Afternoon respond to emails and authorizations. Meet with my team once per week individually ahdoc. My co workers and I have a very good working relationship which includes open communication. I have learnt that a good leader develops people within their team to ensure everyone is aligned to a single goal. The most enjoyable part of my job has to be when we overcome challenges that lost think would be impossible.

Pros: Flexible time
Cons: Can be too much red tape

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Learning curve

on a typical day day you have to pick more than 650 cases in order to rate R21 an hour. There is no bonus or overtime that is being paid. my co-workers are fine. I enjoy communicating and working with them.

Pros: learning curve
Cons: long hours without overtime paid

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I am looking for a new job opportunity

- A typical work day: Working on the below marketing activities depending on the day , -Merchandise and Collateral -Website Development -Internal events and Administration -Marketing Administration -Internal and External communications -Social media assistance - Your relationship with co-workers: It is very positive - What you have learned: - What you enjoy most: Being able to deliver to the people and the business. - The most challenging aspects of the job: Working with difficult people

Pros: To work on websites
Cons: Not having control decisions

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Time management

Time management Nice vibe at the working place Motivated department I've learnt to be present all time Communication is the best Respect,Loyalties Skilled people Work smarter, Focus Use your own discretion at time Be more independent

Pros: Growth within the group divisions
Cons: Flexi Hours

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Typical Word Day

A typical work day is planning your busy schedule, making sure you have covered everything. Currently alone in the LR department and doing my own plus two Administrator's jobs. Its crazy workloads, sometimes working at home till the early hours of the morning to meet deadlines on top of workloads.

Pros: Challenging yourself every day
Cons: Crazy workloads

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Available immediately. Looking for growth. Aim to have my degree in logistics/operations in the next 3 years. Excellent team player, but firmly believe in the saying"a chain is only as strong as its weakest link". I expect my team to perform. Get the workload done.

Pros: Perm
Cons: Growth None

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I am a young, friendly, patient and willing listener. I focus on the details of my work handling them with careful attention to detail and quality of what’s required within each task. I am respectful of established processes, standards and policies and work well within the set standards. I’ve have on many occasions been responsible to establishing a process, which I’ve always done in a thoughtful, researched and methodical manner. I always take a positive approach to my individual but also my team’s contribution. I consider myself to be a great team player and an exceptional source of support in my skilled areas. My contributions have been acknowledged by my peers as well as my superiors. Based on my experience and strong commitment to my profession, I know that I will add significant valued to your team. I look forward to discussing my capabilities in more detail and will ensure my availability for a personal interview at your convenience.

Pros: Good working environment
Cons: Slow with tech

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Excellent learning curve

I get along with all my colleagues, workload is too much there is no communication at all i have to take initiative all the time. I go the extra mile in helping others. I enjoy the administration part of my work as i am passionate about admin work and good at it i am under paid for all the work i do. i wish to sent for courses based on the work i do. Our systems are very slow

Pros: development
Cons: no development

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Great learning experience

Challenging environment, tight deadline and targets to meet....great area to learn and grow , clients can be difficult though....need to have people skills, IR skills, be up to date with legislation

Pros: Growth on dealing with clients and assigneed
Cons: Long working hourd

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