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Working as Branch Administrator

Worked as Branch Administrator, Hosting manager and second in charge as manager HR back ground as we closely worked with them Done interviews Good relationship with co-workers Sometime you have challenges but not always as you do not have to do it every month

Pros: Good day enviroment, you are sure you will still have a work.
Cons: Risk with armed robberies, fraud.

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I have a strong developed feeling for the big picture without forgetting about the details.

A typical work day We work in a highly pressurized environment. Due to the nature of the transactions, every transaction has a deadline, hence we are always working against the clock. Co-workers Support within the value chain is vital . Hence its imperative to ensure we maintain good working relationships within our organisation. What have you learnt That we can exceed the limitations if we persist in our beliefs. What you enjoy the most I enjoy interaction with clients and writing and structuring deals. Most challenging aspects Everyday theres a new challenge hence its hard to pin it down. I guess the work life balance is the biggest challenge.

Pros: That we get staff benefits , medical aid and bonuses
Cons: no growth within KZN

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Acquired Knowledge and Experience

- I plan my task according the amount work we have in the team and first tackle the task that will require more time preparing in the morning. - I am the go-to guy in the team, we have a good working relationship with my colleagues. - I have learnt how to separate work issues from personal issues and conflict of interest. - I enjoy working towards a deadline as one can measure their strength, success and easy to see what work well for us as individuals. - Fraud prevention and prevent losses in the business.

Pros: Opportunity for growth and development
Cons: Too much work less staff

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I have excellent customer service and communication skills

My daily job has many challenges that come in different ways daily however its a learning curve everyday. Team work is of most important daily however we do it best because my colleagues and i get along very well and they make the day most enjoyable.

Pros: Minimal opportunities for promotions
Cons: Learning new things

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Great way to start networking and learning team work and customer service

The love of meeting new people the joy in seeing your clients leave looking joyful and happy for your service Learn how to blend with new people from different worlds Helping each other out where ever we can dealing with difficult clients is the hardening thing

Pros: learning other languages
Cons: The hours

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Excellent team player

If u require someone that is capable of turning undesirable loss’s into beneficial profits, someone that is loyal, hard-working and not afraid to enter new territories" Then: "Look no Further" I would consider my positive attributes being able to work independently and in a team, maintaining good work ethics, accountability and creativity. I am qualified, skilled, talented, motivated, and innovative and consider myself efficient and reliable for this position. I am an ambitious, highly potential individual that is capable of excelling in the most challenging position and guarantee u admirable results. Enclosed is a copy of my curriculum vitae for your review. An interview would give me the chance to further prove my unique capabilities. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to meeting you. I hope to hear from you shortly

Pros: great opportunity for a promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Im a hard worker and delicate to my work

i do admin everyday capturing client information form the system do new application and quires from different client,followups from the application.I work with different people with different character and i work with them very well because i treat people with respect and don t take everything personal, what i learn i must know all the department from my work station and i enjoy my job because i interact with people. the most challenging aspects is when we don't reach our target

Pros: to grow as a person
Cons: 8 hours

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I am a very structured person. Can work under pressure. Take on new tasks and learn quickly.

Currently in my role, I interview clients for Foreign Exchange matters. I have a good relationship with all my co-workers. Have been working in the Bank for 30 years in different departments.

Pros: Getting to know a lot of people. A person can grow and go from one department to another.
Cons: Nothing at the moment

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I am a qualified and experienced BDO Good Sales,Banking ,Management and Marketing Skills Targed Archiver I am a qualified and experienced BDO Good Sales,Banking ,Management and Marketing Skills Targed Archiver I am a qualified and experienced BDO Good Sales,Banking ,Management and Marketing Skills Targed Archiver


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Transactional fraud officer

The company has challenging aspects in growth , innovation ,. Team spirit .good relation with management and co workers . Ability to grow within the company .

Pros: ability to learn
Cons: working weekends

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