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I'm capable to do anything anytime as long as I'm doing my job.

I'm handling the work pressure everyday and the risk part of it, as we are dealing Saps, Sars, Civil Matters, Fsb, Actt, Maintenance, insolvency and Compensation of Occupational injuries and disease Act. I'm treating my co-workers with Respect, intergrity, service, excellence and stewardship. Helping people to achive their ambition in a right way. I've learned to understand and accomodate everybody and to make sure that there's team work in the department. I'm enjoying the unity between all the co-workers cause nothing goes wrong if we are united. Its when the target its not met in time.

Pros: Opportunities for promotion
Cons: Work/Life Balance

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Good Day I believe that I am right candidate for the above position as l have administrator experience I will be king if you can consider my application Regards Livhuwani Mabaso

Pros: Admin
Cons: Monday to Friday

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Great stepping stone

I have been a great experience, my colleague are great and some managers have been great. I grow so much in my career and from here it can only get better.

Pros: There is growth is you push yourself and name your name known.
Cons: There is lack of job security. We need permanent jobs.

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Dealing with clients on a daily basis telephonically about their request, sometimes i come across with difficult client with different quiries and know how to hanle them as client is always right, my relationship with my co-workers is a very good one can communicate with anyone within my department regardless os race. to my current company i have learn to be patience how to deal with difficult client and how to handle pressure. the most thing i enjoy is when i come across with a challenging request where is need to see how to tackle it and make sure at the end of the day my clients are happy and end up sending compliments about my service to my manger.

Pros: dealing with client
Cons: difficult client when they do not understand process of the bank

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Job satisfaction

Learning new skills is very important.My current job I experience the business from a different angle, it use to be individual customers infront of me now its dealing with the business side of the customers. By multi-skilling will empower me to deal with the business side of the customer.

Pros: Increase in salary , learning new skills
Cons: Need a promotion will have to leave fam behind

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Excelent learning curve

A variety of jobs options. Frequently training options available. Work well in a team and on my own. Get along with all races. Good listener. Good environment to work in. Good relationship with co-workers. Build a lot of knowledge

Pros: great opportunity to learn more
Cons: long working hours

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Great way to start networking and learning team work and customer service

The love of meeting new people the joy in seeing your clients leave looking joyful and happy for your service Learn how to blend with new people from different worlds Helping each other out where ever we can dealing with difficult clients is the hardening thing

Pros: learning other languages
Cons: The hours

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I was nominated to be the branch ambassador.

Working at absa bank has been a huge learning curve for me because its its a big company. Yes there has been tough days especially month ends when the branch if full but with the team that i have, we managed to minimize the work load.My best highlight would be achieving the required target on sales in time.I would describe my work relationship with my co-workers and management the best due to to the fact that we would delegate work amongst each other to make sure all is in order. The only challenge we have is when a teller has a shortage or surplus on their end of day float.

Pros: Iam multi skilled person and a team player.
Cons: Long working hours

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Learning curve

I am on the frontline of the branch so I am first customer contact. I have learnt various ways on how to best handles the different customer characters i encounter daily mostly i terms of communication as it is my main challenge due to language barriers.

Pros: Opportunity for growth
Cons: Communication

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a typical working day, achieving my targets as per required and doing more than what is expected of me, being able to meet client expectations and keeping them happy by providing them with the right products that will make life much more simpler for them in the long future. Relations with co-workers: a healthy working relationship is what I strive for, showing respect and listening and bringing up a solution wherever I can. Learnt that a work environment is my first home before my original home, therefore I always strive for peace among myself and my colleagues, I always strive to put the customer at the center of my heart. I enjoy training in other departments as well, just so to gain experience. The most challenging aspect of the job, is when I dont have anything to do, hence I always assist in other departments as well when there's no clients waiting in my department, and from the very same client that I help from the other departments I manage to cross sell from them and get sales out of them.

Pros: being a private banker
Cons: 10 hours

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