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Excellent learning curve

my day starts by calling and confirming clients appointments and reschedulling for those who cant make it for that day, i make appointments again for the following week as i usually make weekly appointments. My relationship with my co workers is good because we are professional and trusting eachother in our work, in my case the banking enviroment where i should be in relation with everyone working wwith clients so the send leads and refere clients to us for investment,lifecovers,wills and trusts. i have learnt to put personal feelings aside in order to be able to get more leads and clients from the collegues working in retail and i have learned to do my all to help the advisor reach his targets. i enjoy it when we are able to reach our targets and the challenging part is when you are able to bring the clients in for that week and you cannot get sales from them

Pros: Great opportunity to be an advisor
Cons: Long working hours and sometimes the rates on the investments are not looking good

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Great exposure to the Financial Adviser industry and Product Providers

Go through my list of priorities and establish what is important versus urgent. I always interact with my colleagues by enquiring if they have any urgent or important matters pending and they should let me know if they need my assistance providing I have not urgent or important matters pending. I struggle to work efficiently and effectively when I'm constantly being micro managed.

Pros: Networking with the external product providers
Cons: Micro Management

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Currently satisfied about everything. Although there is no growth pontetial, due to the fact that our team leaders are the next step for us to grow, therefore one has to apply to other departments, in orde to grow.

Pros: Theres no potential to grow within the department
Cons: Reasonable working hours

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Working on sales

Working on sales is veryu challenging , time bound, self individual driven and it is an ongoing changing business as market and economy changes, I really enjoy being challenged as it grow my mental capabilities as i deal with diofferent kind of clients with different needs that also change in time depending on the life cycle of an individual. I really enjoy working with people as part of the team helping one another to archieve one common goal. I have learned that without team work, one cannot archieve better results. Together we can do more than an individual that is tasked to complete a certain project on time and with the desired results. I enjoy my time at work when i have manageds to fullfill the client's needs and both the client and the company is happy. Archieving the target is the most challenging task at work ,as it requires constant perfomance with alternative solutions, planning and implimenting.

Pros: benefits of prime minus 2 and staff rates
Cons: constant changing environment leading to restructuring

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Growth and development

My journey began with Absa Retail Bank Collections where I started as a Call Centre Agent, QA, Legal Typist for Absa Legal. Then I moved to being Receptioniat, then an Administrator for Absa Retail Collections. I then moved to being a Team Assistant for Absa Private Bank. I have learnt to network and work under pressure since Retail was such a big organisation. With Private Bank, I refined my skills since I networked with prominent upper market clients only. I have learnt to organise travelling bookings, organising and facililitating major events, liaising with stakegolders, procurement, logging IT queries and purchasing of items via SAP. I njoyed mostly working with the Bankers which I served and including both back office and front office. The most challenge was to keep up with new trends and being innovative in order to keep clients and and co workers happy and ensuring everything is within policy. I also learnt bringing more leads to the Bank.

Pros: great opportunity for growth and development and networking and relating
Cons: working under pressure

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Service excellence

Hard working. Minimum absenteeism. Believe in values of respect, integrity, quality, service and excellence. Love learning new things and applying it to business and personal.

Pros: Having opportunity to train on and perform team leader tasks
Cons: Being over utilised

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Job satisfaction

Learning new skills is very important.My current job I experience the business from a different angle, it use to be individual customers infront of me now its dealing with the business side of the customers. By multi-skilling will empower me to deal with the business side of the customer.

Pros: Increase in salary , learning new skills
Cons: Need a promotion will have to leave fam behind

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Excelent learning curve

A variety of jobs options. Frequently training options available. Work well in a team and on my own. Get along with all races. Good listener. Good environment to work in. Good relationship with co-workers. Build a lot of knowledge

Pros: great opportunity to learn more
Cons: long working hours

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Love to learn

My every day at work is always busy. I have learn't alot about people, especially irate people and how to stay calm in the situation. I am most definately a people's person and love helping people where I can. I will go the extra mile to help a client. The most challenging aspect of my job is when a repurchase has not paid because there is a computer error. Trying to keep the clients calm and phoning to get a manual payment done. We have just had a new system update so this too has been hair-raising but one learns quick.

Pros: There is no promotion opportunities where I am at the moment. Would love to be able to have the opportunities
Cons: Working on Saturdays

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I'm capable to do anything anytime as long as I'm doing my job.

I'm handling the work pressure everyday and the risk part of it, as we are dealing Saps, Sars, Civil Matters, Fsb, Actt, Maintenance, insolvency and Compensation of Occupational injuries and disease Act. I'm treating my co-workers with Respect, intergrity, service, excellence and stewardship. Helping people to achive their ambition in a right way. I've learned to understand and accomodate everybody and to make sure that there's team work in the department. I'm enjoying the unity between all the co-workers cause nothing goes wrong if we are united. Its when the target its not met in time.

Pros: Opportunities for promotion
Cons: Work/Life Balance

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