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Reason of interest

Studied Safety health and environmental management and that is where my interest lies, I love interacting with people, i am a peoples person and very much ambitious, having worked for this industry as a junior safety officer i have attained enough experience and interest that gives me hope to carry on pursuing safety,working and studying to becoming what I desire and reaching my goals

Pros: working indoors
Cons: salary unsatisactory

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Kamogelo Mothutsi

I have 2 appointments per day that I have to meet clients that are on my portfolio as a relationship executive and my responsibility is to provide financial advice to the clients based on the analysis that I have done on their accounts. I have to give a report to my manager regarding the meetings with the clients. I have good relationship with my co-workers when it’s time to focus we work closely together and when it’s time to relax we are more like family not co-workers. My current role has taught me the importance of knowing what’s going on around me as it affects not only my clients business but the banks risk based on the exposure they have with the clients. Getting to see the day to day running of some of my clients businesses it’s a pleasure the biggest challenge is to give clients negative feedback (declined application)

Pros: good company to work for, they give people an opportunity to learn and grow
Cons: the rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to credit applications

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Service excellence

Hard working. Minimum absenteeism. Believe in values of respect, integrity, quality, service and excellence. Love learning new things and applying it to business and personal.

Pros: Having opportunity to train on and perform team leader tasks
Cons: Being over utilised

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Daily routine

The day starts with a team huddle were important information is shared. The ban opens at 8H30 and then you need to assist the clients until 15H30. I have a good relationship with my co-workers and get along with everyone. I learnt about what customer service should be and always doing things that are in the best interest of the client. The most challenging aspect of the job is to bring in new business.

Pros: Good income and job security
Cons: working on a saturday

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Job satisfaction

Learning new skills is very important.My current job I experience the business from a different angle, it use to be individual customers infront of me now its dealing with the business side of the customers. By multi-skilling will empower me to deal with the business side of the customer.

Pros: Increase in salary , learning new skills
Cons: Need a promotion will have to leave fam behind

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Willing to learn

-work well as a team and without supervision. -work extra hours to complete the task. -Good customer service and to always be in the shoes of the customer. -Working with people(customers and co-workers. -To have to stay at work and finish task given without being compansated.

Pros: Willing to grow and ready for promotion.
Cons: Go extra mile

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I was nominated to be the branch ambassador.

Working at absa bank has been a huge learning curve for me because its its a big company. Yes there has been tough days especially month ends when the branch if full but with the team that i have, we managed to minimize the work load.My best highlight would be achieving the required target on sales in time.I would describe my work relationship with my co-workers and management the best due to to the fact that we would delegate work amongst each other to make sure all is in order. The only challenge we have is when a teller has a shortage or surplus on their end of day float.

Pros: Iam multi skilled person and a team player.
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

I can say my recent company is teaching me so many things like handling customers in a proper way,how to work around deadlines, how to sell products and as well as being more focused on your daily job.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion is great
Cons: Normal hours

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Excellent learning curve

my day starts by calling and confirming clients appointments and reschedulling for those who cant make it for that day, i make appointments again for the following week as i usually make weekly appointments. My relationship with my co workers is good because we are professional and trusting eachother in our work, in my case the banking enviroment where i should be in relation with everyone working wwith clients so the send leads and refere clients to us for investment,lifecovers,wills and trusts. i have learnt to put personal feelings aside in order to be able to get more leads and clients from the collegues working in retail and i have learned to do my all to help the advisor reach his targets. i enjoy it when we are able to reach our targets and the challenging part is when you are able to bring the clients in for that week and you cannot get sales from them

Pros: Great opportunity to be an advisor
Cons: Long working hours and sometimes the rates on the investments are not looking good

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Great exposure to the Financial Adviser industry and Product Providers

Go through my list of priorities and establish what is important versus urgent. I always interact with my colleagues by enquiring if they have any urgent or important matters pending and they should let me know if they need my assistance providing I have not urgent or important matters pending. I struggle to work efficiently and effectively when I'm constantly being micro managed.

Pros: Networking with the external product providers
Cons: Micro Management

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