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Customer facing role and sales

Currently offering customer service duties and cross selling at the same time.Also assisting in other admin duties and extra given duties from management. Identifying sales leads on a daily basis

Pros: Great opportunity for growth and learning on a daily basis
Cons: Working till saterday- long hours

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I have become one of the top perfomer in kzn

I enjoy working with people , working towards achieving a goal , I am target driven, I want to learn new things could be ways of working .I plan to achieve great results.

Pros: promotion
Cons: none

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Excellent learning curve

- A typical work day Working to be better than yesterday, New information received on a daily basis with immediate adjustment. - Your relationship with co-workers I learn so much from my co-workers. - What you have learnt I have learned to be competent, to be be ready for anything that comes my way, I have also learned to be cautious and how to see important my job is. - The most challenging aspects of the job The only challenge was how to reduce the volume of work in a lesser amount of time.

Pros: You learn something new everyday
Cons: Management skills poor

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Love to learn

My every day at work is always busy. I have learn't alot about people, especially irate people and how to stay calm in the situation. I am most definately a people's person and love helping people where I can. I will go the extra mile to help a client. The most challenging aspect of my job is when a repurchase has not paid because there is a computer error. Trying to keep the clients calm and phoning to get a manual payment done. We have just had a new system update so this too has been hair-raising but one learns quick.

Pros: There is no promotion opportunities where I am at the moment. Would love to be able to have the opportunities
Cons: Working on Saturdays

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Kamogelo Mothutsi

I have 2 appointments per day that I have to meet clients that are on my portfolio as a relationship executive and my responsibility is to provide financial advice to the clients based on the analysis that I have done on their accounts. I have to give a report to my manager regarding the meetings with the clients. I have good relationship with my co-workers when it’s time to focus we work closely together and when it’s time to relax we are more like family not co-workers. My current role has taught me the importance of knowing what’s going on around me as it affects not only my clients business but the banks risk based on the exposure they have with the clients. Getting to see the day to day running of some of my clients businesses it’s a pleasure the biggest challenge is to give clients negative feedback (declined application)

Pros: good company to work for, they give people an opportunity to learn and grow
Cons: the rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to credit applications

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Service excellence

Hard working. Minimum absenteeism. Believe in values of respect, integrity, quality, service and excellence. Love learning new things and applying it to business and personal.

Pros: Having opportunity to train on and perform team leader tasks
Cons: Being over utilised

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Great exposure to the Financial Adviser industry and Product Providers

Go through my list of priorities and establish what is important versus urgent. I always interact with my colleagues by enquiring if they have any urgent or important matters pending and they should let me know if they need my assistance providing I have not urgent or important matters pending. I struggle to work efficiently and effectively when I'm constantly being micro managed.

Pros: Networking with the external product providers
Cons: Micro Management

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Currently satisfied about everything. Although there is no growth pontetial, due to the fact that our team leaders are the next step for us to grow, therefore one has to apply to other departments, in orde to grow.

Pros: Theres no potential to grow within the department
Cons: Reasonable working hours

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My typical day at work

I work well with all level of colleagues I enjoy processing of the fines as its a fast paced environment Fast with typing Capture about 100 fines a day Make about 50 payments daily I am still new so it is a bit challenging due to still learning about the work itself

Pros: potential growth in promotions
Cons: long hours in capturing

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Willing to learn

-work well as a team and without supervision. -work extra hours to complete the task. -Good customer service and to always be in the shoes of the customer. -Working with people(customers and co-workers. -To have to stay at work and finish task given without being compansated.

Pros: Willing to grow and ready for promotion.
Cons: Go extra mile

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