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Learning curve, versatility in different departments

great people networking is easy requirements are sometimes ridiculous like working extremely long hours learnt a lot about the implementation of the different act and regulatory requirements

Pros: opportumity to move roles
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent Learning phase for me. Good developmental skills.

Management is perfect, they motivate their staff very well and push you to do weel in your job. It is great being at work, interacting with all the clients. It has improved my people skills very much and always know how to be flexible around them. Being at work is a challenge everyday but a teachable one. I learn new things about my job everyday, being at customer service keeps me at my toes all the time because every client has a different query which becomes a lot of administrative work. It is motivating though because you should always keep in mind of the client's frustrations. I always enjoying giving the service but I do have my challenges which is making sales. It is difficult to make sales, but always keep in mind that absa is a place of business and therefore no matter how difficult, I should be able to identify sales. Team work is important for me and colleagues for the sake of productivity and good working environment.

Pros: Great at multi-skilling their clients
Cons: Sales expectations

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Business management

I am a black woman with extensive experience in administration , a hard worker with own transport and flexible in traveling. I have ability to reach and exceed targets, I am determined, persistence and well organized .a person who is a quick learner and can work well under pressure. I’m flexible and energetic and able to adapt to any changes that happen in work environment. Through hard work I can handle new challenges as I love challenges and have ability and strength to overcome them. I believe in team work because through unity people can achieve a lot. This makes me tolerant and patient with people around me I have a strong verbal and telephonic skills and able to make initiatives and can prioritize my work. i am a very optimistic person and able to work long hours, loyal and committed in doing my work .i like to go extra mile in order to bring my work to perfection and I can manage my time effectively.

Pros: team leader
Cons: extra miler . willing to work long hours

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Grown a lot

You are treated as family in the organisation. You are given the opportunity to study. Deal a lot with clients with different levels of literary. It is a fast pase environment and you learn to work hard. Get along well with employers and colleagues. A typical day will be the meeting of deadlines.

Pros: If you complete your studies you will get promoted.
Cons: Long working hours.

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Excellent learning curve

i am a hardworking individual,self driven,have the relevant qualifications and experience for this job,I'm not a clock watcher,i believe in reaching my target,networking is key in this industry

Pros: great opportunity for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Career growth

I have learnt to grow my leadership style Team work How to drive and motivate sales team Branch score card with a shift in terms of sales growth month on month

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Focus is always on the business growth

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Certificate in forensics and Auditing

Processed and reviewed transactions to identify fraud,reconciled accounts and reviewed financial documentation. Monitired transactional records,compared documents and analyzed accounts for fraud. Conducted fraud investigations including transactions review,sourcing and identification. Investigated instances of fraud. Conducted risk assessment on individual transactions. Produced frequesnt report documenting the statusof financial assets, the transaction record, risk assessment and other potential avenues of fraud

Pros: Certificate of quality assurance
Cons: We are working overtime

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Great cutlure for the colleagues.long hour at busy times. Exellent values for the customer . Too much targets . Exellent service culture . Lot of exprience gained . No growth even if u get a high position you must still do work for the position you have been to before.

Pros: No overtime
Cons: Long hrs

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Excellent environment where you can expand your knowledge

Excellent environment where you can expand your knowledge. Teamwork and ethics are key. Great incentives and rewards system. Great perks like pension fund and medical aid. Development programmes to expand knowledge.

Pros: Great promotion opportunity
Cons: None

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consider myself to be active, strong, responsible, outgoing and easy to go along with. Working and communicating with people is my interest. I’m always willing to learn and share knowledge with other people and improve myself by doing so. I have the ability to work as an individual and as well in a team. I also work well under pressure and be able to deliver the best result to any task given. I am essentially people’s orientated person and enjoy dealing with the public as well as working with colleagues. I am dedicated and can be able to make use of my strength and weaknesses well. Hope I am the candidate your are looking for and I meet your criteria and wish to be contacted for any questions or concerns. Thank You Yours Sincerely L A MUTAVHATSINDI ..............................................

Pros: Great
Cons: Normal

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