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You learn more about the company as it has so much to offer
My typical work day, would be receiving Pension Queries, clients who are mainly lost and looking for a specific place, clients who are looking for a job, clients who are looking for donations, clients who have meeting in the building, clients who are here on Training for the day at our training facilities, clients who are coming for interviews ect……. The list goes on. I have a brilliant relationship with my co- workers as we work well as a team and we rely on each other to give a satisfactory service. I have learnt to be more patient while dealing with clients and also I have learnt to put my own personal worries aside once I’m in the office. I mostly enjoy spending time with my co-worker during lunch, as it is fun to be with them. Making sure the client is satisfied with our service because making the client understand on the procedures and Policies of how the company works can really be difficult sometimes, but for me that is the most challenging part.
Pros: get to grow in the Insurance business
Cons: when short staffed there is a lot of pressure.
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Data capture, filling, admin work. controlling new business
advertising and marketing new product in the insurance company , new policy e.g, funeral policy, investment, and life cover, retirement, hospital plan, and also can offer an loan to the clients, offer share to potential clients.
Pros: controlling the pending NTU and lapses
Cons: 9 hours
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