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- On a path of personal growth and development - A conquered challenge is a reflection of my brand enabling drive to perform - Closely aligned personal values to the company - Practice values and respect that everybody has a different threshold for each of them - Have clear goals and expectations set-out for each day, month and trimester - Hold myself and others accountable and assist stakeholders in being accountable - Manage balance between professional relationships and personal empathetic one's; easy to get along with and believe in growing and nurturing relationships throughout one’s career - I hold access to all my seniors for advice, mentorship and guidance - No hard work is ever wasted even if unacknowledged- there is always personal growth and development - Learning on the job, sharing learnings and seeing the impact of team work through leveraging others’ strengths -Challenges: ensuring operational and strategic split of my time, effectively pushing back and managing up
Pros: Good job stablity
Cons: not much scope to grow from middle to senior management
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Am very computer literate
My Experience working at old mutual was and still is the best. As i was the PA of the boss i use to interact with his employees at all times. My relationship with the co -workers was good i used to understand them a lot some of them i work with them do some of their work for them. I have learnt to treat everyone with respect and all of them in a same way I have learnt how to talk to clients and how to solve a complaining client i have learnt quite a lot of things I enjoyed making traveling appointments again working in groups and again the Friday Braai and when we sit in a group coming up with ideas of how to attract clients. The most challenging Aspect of the job was to make sure that each and every adviser submits 5 or 6 cases i had to make sure that they are doing their work correct and submit on time I go by the name of Bridget Anne Leghlo Am 23 years old I live in Soweto Zola Ext 3 Am a single young woman Kindly Regards
Pros: Great Performance to have a very good Promotion
Cons: 8 TO 9 HOURS
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Excellent wonderful experience, full of opportunities
I love working for old mutual because I get to meet new people with different aspirations and ambisions, I love helping people and keeping them happy.
Pros: great opportunity for growth
Cons: driving long distances
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