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It is a good learning experience because it didn't limit me
it is a good company with a proper working environment ensuring that they provide good, quality service to the customer and making sure that the customer is happy.
Pros: there is an opportunity for growth within the company
Cons: meeting deadlines when they are too many obstacles
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Computer Literate, Multitasking, Telephonic skills
new challenges, dealing with different character's, gained more experience ,They treat employees like grown-ups. They share information with employees, listen to their ideas (or better yet, actively seek out and act upon their ideas) and assume they are responsible enough to manage their own time.They see fun, humor and relaxation not as the enemies of hard work, but as its allies, it very important to work with such people that have respect and humanity for one another
Pros: New challenge
Cons: no growth
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Working for this company have me a huge opportunity to improve my skills.
My name is njabulo, I am very dedicated and hard working individual, I can work under pressure and I can work with a group of people. I finish what I started it my task.
Pros: There is a room to grow in the company
Cons: But they don't pay for over time
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