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Willing to Learn
Its great working for the Company there is a room for growth , I enjoy working with my co-workers as we make a great winning team working together so far I learnt to work with SQL system ,Toad ,Retek and Remedy for online queries and I enjoy working with Oracle system as it is a live system for information is always correct and average unless its offline. Most challenges I get its when the system is offline the information wont be correct of which is crucial for the business
Pros: Great opprtunity for more knowledge
Cons: going an extra mile for customers
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Excellent company to work
It is a great opportunity to share the experience I have worked in Edcon for 11 years I have enjoyed all this years in Edcon. I didn't have any experience in using a computer but my Manager taught me how to use it and how to answer the phone . I am passionate with my work and can cope well with my co-workers.
Pros: It is a big company and i love it and it made me to improve my skills and experince
Cons: I love Edcon because it is a Private company and it takes its employees to training when needed
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My journey with Edcon
Working for Edcon has been an Adventure for me . I consider myself very lucky as I started from the bottom and all the way up. Edcon is a Retail company thus making it a business that operates everyday especially on a store level. I have learnt a lot from the company as I have worked on different departments in the company. I have worked with different people and that boosted my communication skills as I sometimes worked with foreign stores with countries such as Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. What I enjoy the most is seeing progress with the tasks I am being given and a positive response from co-workers as we all know that team work brings excellent results with regards to productivity. The most challenging aspects of the Job is shot notice deadlines as they put one under pressure and not that I don't cope but it compromises my time to do other work related tasks .
Pros: Staff discount on all edcon stores and an oppotunity to learn other jobs within the department as we multitask
Cons: No HR placement and promotions are very scarce
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Excellent place to learn
I enjoyed working with edcon as i was working with different managers and people i learn to respect people and do a given task within a given at given time. The job wss very challenging as i have to adapt to a new manager afer every teo weeks but it was a quite experience. I am people's person because i get alone with co-workers as their were assisting me in my other assignment. Working with edcon was a great experience.
Pros: Great opportunity to grow in cooperate world
Cons: Long working hours even in holidays and weekends
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Good challenging enviroment
Retail its vey unpredictable and changing working environment , its always applying yourself with new changes in the market and always bringing solution that are short term and long term working towards company objectives and vision.
Pros: Great bebenifts and friendly enviroment
Cons: Finaancial unstable
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Excellent learning opportunity for growth
It gives an individual to grow and unleash your talent and your potential at the same time. I joined this company with an admin position compared to the previous company which was small in terms of the ledger. This one was three times bigger than previous one. I started managing huge number of employees and developing my surbodinates for their level of competencies. There is a lot of workload which helps you to have more focus and on the other hand it equips you with knowledge as one encounters different challenges daily.
Pros: There is a great opportunity for one as I have been store manager since 2012 thrpugh hard work.
Cons: we are mostly working long hours with the intensions of mantaining the standards
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Good learning curve
I've been in retail for a long time to serve and promote the company by giving customer service. I've worked under pressure , having to work alone in a depatment and multi-tusking. I've also learnt to put the customer first by listening before answering and not to promise what I can't deliver. I've also learnt to work with people as a team player in a depertment. I've also worked trying to help those difficult customers and done some problem solving by working to impress those customers and making good lasting relationship with our customers. Now I need a better paying company, new experience, and growth.
Pros: great opportunity for grorwth
Cons: working underpressure and being unappreciated for job well done
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No career growth
A very vibrant atmosphere to work in, but pressured at the same time. I like the idea that you can work flexible hours depending on the department you're in. I have learned a lot in the fashion industry and marketing as well. Lots of opportunities to also meet with a variety of people.
Pros: Great opportunity to know more about the fashion industry
Cons: Very pressurized environment
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